Outstanding technology paired with the best customer service - the plus in service

Our service before purchase:

Over 40 years of JUTEC bending systems - a guarantor for bending technology and system solutions at the highest level. References in all areas of metal and tube processing underline this. We would therefore like to invite you to get to know our bending machines in the course of an upcoming investment. Use one of the following possibilities:

1. Welcome to the test production in our company
In our demonstration room all machines are ready for test purposes. Here we have the opportunity to discuss the machine in detail and to bend sample parts. There is also the option of recording machine or production times and also evaluating these in terms of a machine capability study (cmk value).

2. machine demonstration on your premises
After the quotation has been prepared and all tube types and the bending tasks to be performed have been defined in detail, we will be pleased to come to your premises with the appropriate bending machine. Then, of course, we also have the opportunity to discuss the machine together in detail as well as to bend sample parts.

3rd consultation/information meeting
We will arrange an appointment together and meet for a constructive user consultation for your bending tasks.