Bending systems 6000SB and 6000D

Bending systems 6000SB and 6000D

The powerful bending machine for workshop and assembly

The compact and mobile bending machine enables precise and repeatable bending up to an outer diameter of 60 mm stationary and directly at the assembly site. A powerful three-phase motor and a precision gearbox provide a powerful drive.

Optimum bending accuracy is achieved through a position detection directly on the bending axis. The bending angle is set easily and quickly via a convenient and menu-driven user interface with touchscreen control, which guarantees even more intuitive operation.

For more complex bending tasks, 100 bending programs can be stored, which have an angle sequence of max. 8 bends per geometry. The multifunction control allows variable adjustment of the bending speed for forward and reverse travel, and a parameterizable overbending function takes place to compensate for material springback.

With the help of the four material characteristics, the material is automatically bent to the required bending angle, thus achieving an exact bending result.

The principle of "stationary tube and rotating tool" ensures low space requirements during bending. Sliding shoes are used for thin-walled tubes to achieve a wrinkle-free bending result and to bend bends with the slightest deformations from e.g. stainless steel and copper tubes.

With the PB20 profile bending attachment, flat, square and round bars can be bent without any problems. Extremely small bending radii are made possible with the KBV small bending attachment.

Possible areas of application:

  • Plant engineering
  • Hydraulic piping
  • Meander bending
  • Sample construction
  • Plumbing and heating

Technical data:

Bending capacity 6000SB: Ø 6 to 50 x 4 mm alternating current 230 V
Bending capacity 6000D: Ø 6 to 60 x 4 mm
Bending capacity 6000DS: Ø 6 to 60 x 5 mm three-phase current 400 V

Bending capacity 6000D: Ø 6 to 60 x 4 mm Three-phase current 400 V

  • Bending radius min/max: 36 mm/280 mm
  • Optional large bending radii up to 500 mm
  • Multifunction machine control Bending angle adjustment (0.1°)
  • Maximum bending angle 240
  • Hexagonal shaft 40 mm for quick tool change
  • Safety foot switch with emergency stop
  • Weight 110 kg

Optional accessories:

  • PB20 profile bender - for bending flat and square bars up to max. 100 x 10 mm, round bars up to max. 20 mm
  • RB43 roller bender - The RB43 is placed on the 6-sided shaft of the bending axis. By switching to endless bending, the bending system acts as a drive unit.
  • Small bending device KBV
  • Special tool according to specification

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Image gallery

JUTEC Bending machine 6000 with attachment RB43 and lifting roller
JUTEC Bending System 6000 Mandrelless Bending Counter Roller
JUTEC Bending System 6000 Mandrelless Bending Sliding Shoe
JUTEC Bending System 6000 Mandrelless Bending Small Bending Device
JUTEC bending system 6000 mandrelless bending tool reinforced by double strap
JUTEC Bending System 6000DL Mandrelless Bending with Extended Top Plate and Counter Roller
JUTEC Bending System 6000DL Mandrelless Bending with Extended Top Plate

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