Bending system 7000/9000

Bending system 7000/9000

The economical mandrel bending machine for tight bending radii

For tube dimensions from 20 - 90 mm, this bending system offers solutions for complex geometries with standard radii of 2xD. Depending on material quality and wall thickness ratio, radii of 1.5xD can also be realized suitable for series production. With a tool height of 120 mm, there are also sufficient possibilities for special profiles.

The extremely precise and powerful electric drive of the bending axis as well as the stable and rigid construction of the mandrel carrier and the bending arm also contribute to the desired bending result.

The plug-in bending tools allow quick conversion to other tube dimensions. The clamping pressure for the tube clamping can be optimally adjusted. The PLC control (can be expanded as required via USB stick) with data memory and the latest X2X interface can accommodate an almost unlimited number of programs for bending angle, linear dimension and twisting angle for a maximum of 50 bending sequences on one tube length.

A freely programmable database for up to 200 materials is available for monitoring the springback values. The control has 2 operating modes: In "Simple Bending" the length and twist of the bends to each other are automatically displayed.

In the "Controlled bending" mode, the data is stored beforehand and a permanent target/actual comparison is performed during bending.

Also available with pneumatic rotation stop or with gear-assisted length and twist positioning.

Possible areas of application:

  • Plant engineering, e.g. chemistry
  • Hydraulic piping
  • Metal construction
  • Sample construction
  • Pipeline construction

Technical data:

Bending capacity 7000: Ø 20 to 70 x 5 mm
Bending capacity 9000: Ø 20 to 90 x 5 mm
depending on material

  • Bending radius min/max: 40 mm/250 mm
  • Bending radii min: 1.5 x Ø (standard 2 x Ø )
  • Multifunction machine control Bending angle adjustment (0.1°)
  • Mandrel beam lengths 3000/4500/6000 mm
  • Maximum 180º bending result
  • Weight 1600-3200 kg (depending on version)
  • Ergonomic operation via safety foot switch

Optional accessories:

  • Automatic mandrel lubrication (minimum quantity)
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic quick-action chuck
  • Larger bending radius up to 300 mm
  • Positioning of length and twist via automatic brake function or via manual stops by foot switch
  • Semi-automatic positioning of length and twist via servo motors
  • Automatic tool retraction
  • Pipe calculation software
  • 10-inch touch screen with integrated pipe calculation
  • Data transmission via cable (LAN), via radio (WLAN) or USB

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JUTEC bending system 7000 and 9000 mandrel bending automatic mandrel lubrication minimum quantity
JUTEC Bending System 7000 and 9000 Mandrel Bending Bending Arm
JUTEC bending system 7000 and 9000 mandrel bending front
JUTEC bending system 7000 and 9000 mandrel bending traveling guide rail
JUTEC bending system 7000 and 9000 mandrel bending tool with crease folder

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