Profile bending attachment PB20

Profile bending attachment PB20

The optimal supplement for tube bending on the models 3000 and 6000 is the PB20 profile bending attachment. The device can be easily and quickly placed on the bending shaft without the use of tools. The workpiece is clamped onto the turntable with the clamping device and pulled around the bending tool. With this system, leg lengths to be bent can be accurately measured in conjunction with a length stop and can be bent with repeatable accuracy.

Technical data:

  • Bending capacity steel 37: 100 x 10 mm, Ø 20 mm
  • Many standard tools available
  • Special tools possible
  • Sharp-edged tools with bending radius R2 or 5 mm
  • Round tools R 10 to 25 mm for bends max. 260° optional

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JUTEC Bending System Profile Bending Attachment PB20 on Model 6000 Detail

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