The precise 3-roll bending machine

During the development of the compact and mobile horizontal bending machine, the focus was clearly set on the production of dimensionally accurate spirals such as handrails for spiral staircases. This is the supreme discipline, since two mutually influencing variables (radius and pitch) must be combined in a bend to form a dimensionally accurate geometry. The interaction of tube calculation on the PC, implementation on the bending machine, and control via the measuring equipment with final correction of the bending values ensure accurate bending. By simple and few inputs into the PC tube calculation program, the local printer provides a printout and supports the calculation of all necessary bending and correction data to operate the machine. A new powerful drive concept allows infinitely variable adjustment of the bending speed, requiring only a 230 V (AC) connection. Hardened steel tools as well as hard plastic tools that are gentle on the surface are available for selection. To ensure optimum feed even with tight bending radii, all three bending shafts are driven. The drive concept also proves its worth in tough daily use on the flat, when bending tubes and profiles. Customers of the 4800, 5000 and 6000 bending system have the option of purchasing the roller bending unit without the drive. The roll bending unit, designated RB43, can be adapted to the 4800, 5000 and 6000 bending systems via the bending shaft. The machines function here as a drive unit.

Possible areas of application:

  • Handrails/bottom rails for spiral staircases
  • Large pipe profile bends
  • General metal construction

Technical data:

  • Bending capacity Ø 10 to 60 mm
  • Bending radius min: 300 mm at Ø 42.4 mm
  • Bending direction right and left
  • Digital bend adjustment for radius and pitch
  • Safety foot switch with emergency stop function
  • Maintenance-free robust three-phase motor
  • 230 V connection suitable for construction sites
  • Weight 280 kg

Optional accessories:

  • Support roller - for stabilization
  • Lifting roller - to produce controlled slope
  • MGR - measuring device to determine the correct radius
  • MGV - measuring device to determine the correct pitch based on the torsion.
  • MPW - PC calculation program for determining the correct bending values
  • RB4303 - Universal bending tool for profiles up to 60 mm high
  • Tools for special profiles

Product video

Image gallery

JUTEC bending system RB 60 roller bending case measuring accessories
JUTEC bending system RB60 roller bending support roller
JUTEC Bending System RB60 Roller Bending Detail
JUTEC bending system RB60 roller bending lifting roller
JUTEC bending system RB60 roll bending plastic tool
JUTEC bending system RB60 roller bending measuring accessories
JUTEC Bending System RB60 Roller Bending Front View
JUTEC Bending System RB60 Roller Bending Tool

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